Garage talk. Welcome to Garage Talk blog. We wanted to share our newest show we have on our channel, LoungingWithJohn
and garage talk.

Every time you watch these videos, you will be seeing us film from the man c ave. THis is how John came up with the idea for the name of the show. We was thinking about craeting a actual c h annel with the name, but knowing our luck it will be taken. Either way we want you to be a part of the Garage Talk. So come over to our channel, and be sure to subscribe. Click here to go to the lounge

Garage Talk Topics

We will be talking about all types of different topics. You name it and we will more than likely talk about it at one point or another. If not and you have your own idea for a topic we could talk about in the garage. You could give us your idea, and we would be glad to bring it ukp in the garage talk vlog.

Garage Talk Live calls and request

If you would like to ever be on the show, you can call our toll-free number and come on the air with us. Dial
and follow the menu instructions.

Email the garage

Garage talk

We love to talk about Fast Cars here in the Shop
Nascar Dale Earnhardt

We love to talk about nascar from time to time as well. You are welcome to
join us in the garage for nascar talk as well. So join us.

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