How to stop a bully at my school is a question that many kids are asking every day in their minds. The sad thing is this. Bullies will never stop. With that said, we need to help you better understand ways to handle a Bully .

If you want to learn a lot about bullying, and the things you can do. We suggest you come and
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We talk about bullies, and share stories every week at the lounge. Every story we share about bullies , we do it to help you. We recently shared a story from a girl who had been bullied through her intire school history.
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A girls story from being Bullied

Mandii Vee story

Ne ver feel alone, and just remember that it will always get better. You just need to be the bigger and better person. Don't be scared to go for help, and ne ver want to hurt yourself. When you hurt yourself, you are also hurting the ones who love you, and then they are stuck with that pain for the rest of their life. So never turn to hurting yourself, but instead. Go and get help.

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Bullying awareness

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