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Living life visually impaired has taught me a lot, and the concept of speaking is to lift people up. Show them why they matter, and what makes them powerful in their own life. I focus on speaking about how and what they can do to start change today. Giving people that feeling of hope, showing them the sky is the limit, and they can accomplish anything in there life they wish to do.

About John

public speakerMy name is john, and come from the state of Kentucky. I am 40 years old and have been visually impaired my entire life. Being blind has taught me a lot about life, and how to get through the rough times. I like to ask people one question. What are you waiting for? We only live once in this beautiful world, and the clock doesn’t stop for us. Time keeps going, and the longer we wait, the longer we keep making up excuses. Something i like to call “to procrastinate”. Today is your day, and i want to see you walk out of here today with something. I want to see you leave with hope. If i can believe in you, you can believe in you. So give me 1 hour of your time, and help me help you. I know you can do it, and after you hear how i feel. You will be glad you took the time to listen. I understand life can be rough, and together we can get this sorted out. Then you can get up and take action today. Start change in your life and go for all the dreams and goals you ever had!

What People Are Saying About John

Johnny gave a speech to me and a couple friends last week. This speech wasn't public, but when he came to my rescue. Me and my friends felt like a new person after he spoke. He took all the things that i thought and felt about myself, and took it out of me. It was as if he new what i felt about who i was, and what i been through. He finds his own way to touch you, and i feel like a person now. Everything he said was positive, and he had our eyes wet, and the hair on the back of our neck standing up. It was like my spine was tingling and i am so glad he came and helped us. Started my job last week, and now i will have my new car because of John. Thank you so much John. People need to give this guy a chance. You will be amazed!
Hope and pride

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People and motivation
I speak about how you can change how you feel about who you are, giving you the motivation to change.

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