Why Did Chris Watts Kill His Family

Chris Watts was interviewed by these three detectives, it feels like they are being respectful to this man, but the case is this. They are speaking kind to him because they want to get all they can from him to see what he will say. Here is the bottom line. Chris Watts climbed on top of his wife, took his hands and killed her with no care. He killed this girl like this was the normal day like any other day. They asked him why didn’t he let go of his wife. He could only say “I don’t know, it was like i was being controlled”. But listen to his voice in this interview. He was able to speak with out no breaking down. Does a normal person speak as if nothing is wrong knowing he killed someone? We would love to get your thoughts about this case. How do you see this case in general. Also do you think chris watts should be sitting in that chair right now. Or should he be 6 foot under with in the darkness of hell. murder

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